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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement no. 612955

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FinMaP Working Papers

1. Finger, K., Lux, T. (2014). Friendship Between Banks: An Application of an Actor-Oriented Model of Network Formation on Interbank Credit Relations, FinMaP Working Paper, 1 Kiel University, Kiel, 42 pp.

2. Nasr, B., A., Lux, T., Ajmi, A., N., Gupta, R. (2014). Forecasting the Volatility of the Dow Jones Islamic Stock Market: Long Memory vs. Regime Switching, FinMaP Working Paper, 2 Kiel University, Kiel, 29 pp.

3. Lux, T. (2014). Emergence of a Core-Periphery Structure in a Simple Dynamic Model of the Interbank Market, FinMaP Working Paper, 3 Kiel University, Kiel, 27 pp.

4. Franke, R., Ghonghadze, J. (2014). Integrating Real Sector Growth and Inflation Into An Agent-Based Stock Market Dynamics, FinMaP Working Paper, 4 Kiel University, Kiel, 33 pp.

5. Zhenxi, C. (2014). Estimating Heterogeneous Agents Behavior with Different Investment Horizons in Stock Markets, FinMaP Working Paper, 5 Kiel University, Kiel, 17 pp.

6. Rabitsch, K., Stepanchuk, S. (2014). A Two-Period Model with Portfolio Choice: Understanding Results from Different Solution Methods, FinMaP Working Paper, 6 Kiel University, Kiel, 14 pp.

7. Leppin, J., S., Reitz, S. (2014). The Role of a Changing Market Environment for Credit Default Swap, FinMaP Working Paper, 7 Kiel University, Kiel, 29 pp.

8. Montagna, M., Lux, T. (2014). Contagion Risk in the Interbank Market: A Probabilistic Approach to Cope with Incomplete Structural Information, FinMaP Working Paper, 8 Kiel University, Kiel, 39 pp.

9. Alfarano, S., Camacho, E., Petrovic, M., Provenzano, G. (2014). The Interplay between Public and Private Information in Asset Markets: Theoretical and Experimental Approaches, FinMaP Working Paper, 9 Kiel University, Kiel, 24 pp.

10. Mendicino, C., Punzi, M., T. (2014). House Prices, Capital Inflows and Macroprudential, FinMaP Working Paper, 10 Kiel University, Kiel, 46 pp.

11. Chen, Z.; Klos, A.; Reitz, S.(2015). Professional Forecasters' Reactions to Streaks in Surprises, FinMaP Working Paper 11, Kiel University, Kiel, 23pp.

12. Livan, G.; Alfarano, S.; Milakovic, M.; Scalas, E. (2014). A spectral perspective on excess volatility; FinMaP Working Paper12, Kiel University, Kiel, 13pp.

13. Barunik, J.; Kocenda, E.; Vacha, L. (2014). Asymmetric connectedness of stocks: How does bad and good volatility spill over the U.S. stock market?, FinMaP Working Paper 13, Kiel University, Kiel, 28pp.

14. Barunik, J.; Kocenda, E.; Vacha, L. (2014). Gold, Oil, and Stocks, FinMaP Working Paper 14, Kiel University, Kiel, 29pp.

15. Barunik, J.; Kukacka, J. (2014). Realizing stock market crashes: stochastic cusp catastrophe model of returns under time-varying volatility, FinMaP Working Paper 15, Kiel University, Kiel, 31pp.

16. Barunik, J.; Vacha, L. (2014). Realized wavelet-based estimation of integrated variance and jumps in the presence of noise, FinMaP Working Paper 16, Kiel University, Kiel, 34pp.

17. Kristoufek, L. (2014), Leverage effect in energy futures, FinMaP Working Paper 17, Kiel University, Kiel, 23pp.

18. Kristoufek, L. (2014), Measuring capital market efficiency: Long-term memory, fractal dimension and approximate entropy, FinMaP Working Paper 18, Kiel University, Kiel, 17pp.

19. Lux, T. (2014), A Model of the Topology of the Bank-Firm Credit Network and its Role as Channel of Contagion, FinMaP Working Paper 19, Kiel University, Kiel, 34pp.

20. Zikes, F.;Barunik, J. (2014). Semiparametric Conditional Quantile Models for Financial Returns and Realized Volatility, FinMaP Working Paper 20, Kiel University, Kiel, 43pp.

21. Fischer, T.; Riedler, J. (2014). Prices, Debt and Market Structure in an Agent-Based Model of the Financial Market, FinMaP Working Paper 21, Kiel University, Kiel, 39pp.

22. Horvath, R.; Marsal, A. (2014). The Term Structure of Interest Rates in a Small Open Economy DSGE Model with Markov Switching, FinMaP Working Paper 22, Kiel University, Kiel, 33pp.

23. Kristoufek, L. (2014). What are the main drivers of the Bitcoin price? Evidence from the wavelet coherence analysis, FinMaP Working Paper 23, Kiel University, Kiel, 19pp.

24. Punzi, M.T; Rabitsch, K. (2014). Investor Borrowing Heterogeneity in a Kiyotaki-Moore Style Macro Model, FinMaP Working Paper 24, Kiel University, Kiel, 8pp.

25. Recchioni, C.; Tedeschi, G.; Berardi, S. (2014). Banks' strategies during the finanical crisis, FinMaP Working Paper 25, Kiel University, Kiel, 22p.

26. Recchioni, C.; Tedeschi, G.; Gallegati, M. (2014). A calibration procedure for analyzing stock price dynamics in an Agent-based framework, FinMaP Working Paper 26, Kiel University, Kiel, 41pp.

27. Giri, F. (2014). Does interbank market matter for business cycle fluctuation? An estimated DSGE model with financial frictions for the Euro area, FinMaP Working Paper 27, Kiel University, Kiel, 31pp.

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31. Lux, T.; Segnon, M.; Gupta, R. (2015). Modeling and Forecasting Crude Oil Price Volatility. Evidence from Historical and Recent Data, FinMaP Working Paper 31, Kiel University, Kiel, 42pp.

32. Avdulaj, K.; Barunik, J. (2015). Are benefits from oil-stocks diversification gone? New evidence from a dynamic copula and high frequency data, FinMaP Working Paper 32, Kiel University, Kiel, 35pp.

33. Kraicova, L.; Barunik, J. (2015). Estimation of Long Memory in Volatility Using Wavelets, FinMaP Working Paper 33, Kiel University, Kiel, 42pp.

34. Pavlicek, J.; Kristoufek, L. (2015). Nowcasting unemployment rates with Google searches: Evidence from the Visegrad Group countries, FinMaP Working Paper 34, Kiel University, Kiel, 15pp.

35. Vakrman, T.; Kristoufek, L. (2015). Underpricing, underperformance and overreaction in initial public offerings: Evidence from investor attention using online searches, FinMaP Working Paper 35, Kiel University, Kiel, 21pp.

36. Zikes; F.; Barunik, J.; Shenai, N. (2015). Modeling and Forecasting Persistent Financial Durations, FinMaP Working Paper 36, Kiel University, Kiel, 43pp.

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38. Ghonghadze, Jaba; Lux, T. (2015). Bringing an Elementary Agent-Based Model to the Data: Estimation via GMM and an Application to Forecasting of Asset Price Volatility, FinMaP Working Paper 38, Kiel University, Kiel 31pp.

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46. Segnon, M.; Lux, T.; Gupta, R. (2015). Modeling and Forecasting Carbon Dioxide Emission Allowance Spot Price Volatility: Multifractal vs. GARCH-type Volatility Models, FinMaP Working Paper 46, Kiel University, Kiel, 25pp.

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50. Catullo, E.; Gallegati, M. (2015). Multi-Country Decentralized Agent Based Model: Macroeconomic Dynamics and Vulnerability in a Simplified Currency Union, FinMap Working Paper 50, Kiel University, Kiel, 24pp.

51. Fratianni, M.; Giri, F. (2015). The tale of two great crises, FinMap Working Paper 51, Kiel University, Kiel, 54pp.

52. De Grauwe, P.; Gerba, E. (2016). Monetary Transmission Under Competing Corporate Finance Regimes, FinMaP Working Paper 52, Kiel University, Kiel, 49pp.

53. Rabitsch, K. (2016). An Incomplete Markets Explanation of the UIP Puzzle, FinMaP Working Paper 53, Kiel University, Kiel, 31pp.

54. Barunik, J.;Krehlik, T. (2016). Measuring the frequency dynamics of financial and macroeconomic connectedness, FinMaP Working Paper 54, Kiel University, Kiel, 39pp.

55. Barunik, J.: Krehlik, T.; Vacha, L. (2016). Modeling and forecasting exchange rate volatility in time-frequency domain, FinMaP Working Paper 55, Kiel University, Kiel, 36pp.

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58. Huber, F.; Punzi, M.T. (2016).International housing markets, unconventional monetary policy and the zero lower bound, FinMap Working Paper 58, Kiel University, Kiel, 36pp.

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67. Punzi, M.T.; Rabitsch, K. (2016). Borrower heterogeneity within a risky mortgage-lending market, FinMaP Working Paper 67, Kiel University, Kiel, 37pp.

68. Kristoufek, L.; Vosvrda, M. (2016). Herding, minority game, market clearing and efficient markets in a simple spinmodel framework, FinMap Working Paper 68, Kiel University, Kiel, 20pp.

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